Monday, December 17, 2007


Bounce, by Natasha Friend, features thirteen year old Evyn; her mother died when Evyn was young and for years it has been Evyn, her brother Mackey, and Birdie, her dad. One night at special dinner Evyn's father "drops the bomb" announcing he is getting married, moving the family from Maine to Massachusetts, and not only will they be gaining a step-mother, but also a plethora of step-siblings. Evyn is coping, barely, with the furious changes in family dynamics by talking to her dead mother "Stella" about her new school, lack of new friends, and a growing confusion regarding why her brother and father are flourishing in this new environment while she drowns in misery. Despite Stella's calm assurance that things will work out and she should just let things bounce, Evyn does not want things to change - she wants her life back.

Full of smart dialogue, complicated feelings, and a wealth of understanding how a thirteen-year-old girl’s brain works, Bounce charts a course through the turbulent sea; an adventure full of family and friends. Evyn's wry understanding of self, she knows discussions with Stella are a coping mechanism, and equally horrified reaction to her father's love life, are vivid reminders of how hard change can be at any age. For more information About Bounce, or any of the other previous books by Natasha Friend, check out the author's blog.

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