Monday, December 10, 2007

Closing the door

After spending several hours, so much for the changes not taking long, on the article revisions yesterday, this morning I emailed my article submission, author information, abstract with keywords, and publication permission to the journal editor and assistant editor. I've already received a reply from the assistant editor thanking me for the submission. It appears the second of two invited articles has passed the peer review process and will be published. What a whirlwind adventure that was. I checked the journal database this morning and the final edition for 2007 was published (yes, an obvious statement when we are less than three weeks from the end of the year). It follows that both of the article submission will be published in 2008. Works for me; I have two more things to add to next year's end of year report and this years evaluation. Good thing goals for this academic year included publishing and presentations. Closing that door and moving on, at least until I wax poetical about how fabulous these articles look in print during a future blog post, I need to think of something to submit for a poster session this summer.

Grades will be submitted later this week; after evaluating this morning there remain only two outstanding projects to be completed and a rousing 91% completion rate for the course. The I.T. department created, or rather recreated, my course materials into WebCT. After meeting with the GA tomorrow I will make a few minute adjustments to the course in preparation for spring 2008. Things ran smoothly, especially considering the loss of GA six weeks into the fall term. The remaining GA and my student workers helped make the term run smoothly by picking up extra hours and making an effort to work closely with the students. I even got my paycheck for teaching the course last Friday! By the end of this week I should have the spring course ready, know if I have a second GA for the term, and will have effectively closed the door on fall 2007.

Now I only need to survive the library web site meeting(s), a strategy meeting with my boss and the actual meeting with the web page committee. This almost two month lull in the process has effectively stopped progress that had been made. A new site ready for summer is looming on the horizon. It is always possible, but as of now I feel it improbable. We - actually I - have to know if using the university template is the final decision so we can close the door on that portion of the design discussion and move on to content. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

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