Saturday, December 15, 2007

HP5, dog food, & ice cream

Tuesday after work I rushed out to buy Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; one for me (regular wide-screen) and one for my dad (2 DVD set) for Christmas. After dinner that evening I relaxed watching HP5 and was transported back to Hogwarts for year five. I have enjoyed each of the preceding HP movies, first in the theater then on DVD, and all have had a different "something" about them. However, HP5 is the first one that after leaving the theater I remarked to my dad that had I not read the book, it would have been confusing.

Like the book, the movie becomes not only a bridge between the beginning and end of the series, but also between HP as young boy and HP as a young man. It becomes obvious adults in the wizarding world while opting to protect the young, are in many ways inhibiting their growth. I spent time again this evening watching the end of the movie, attempting to catch some dialogue that was difficult to hear over the music accompanying the scenes; Ron really needs to speak up and Luna, though effectively childlike and wize, has a voice that could cut glass. Casting remains consistently on-target; the actress who plays Dolores Umbridge is a complex mixture of perky kindergarten teacher and evil personified ("I really hate children, you know") and Lucius Malfoy, my favorite bad guy, is the epitome of arrogant.

Though, I must admit Snapes has one of the best quotes (aside from Hermonie telling Ron he has the emotional depth of a teaspoon) in the movie, delivered in his customary droll tone: "However, if you do intend to poison Potter, I assure that I have the greatest sympathy."

After adjusting the audio (emphasis on less bass for the music) on my television, I watched the last hour of the movie (choosing scenes is much simpler than fast forward) a short while ago taking a break from baking and weather forecasts of gloom, doom, and blizzards. I still am unable to understand what Ron says to Harry and Hermoine when explaining how they escaped from Umbridge's office, but have learned the first wave of snow has passed through Northeastern Ohio and we are now bracing for the second batch of weather containing the ultimate "mixed bag" of precipitation. Approximately four inches of snow is laying on the ground and it sounds as if we have entered the freezing rain portion of the evening (it's pinging off of the existing snow).

In a brief moment of clarity, I remembered to purchase a snow shovel this morning so I will not have to use my small garden shovel to clear the path to the alley behind my garage. I also learned something new; we always discuss how predictions of snow storms drive the populace to the grocery store for milk and toilet paper. Today the cashier at the grocery store set me straight, what people buy when a snow storm is forecasted is - wait for it - ice cream and dog food. Yes, ice cream and dog food. Seems they kept an informal record at the store one winter and those were the results. I hated to disappoint her as I had neither in my cart, but she gave me a pass since I did have toilet paper.

I am kind of wishing I had some ice cream.

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