Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Closed, not locked

It seems that though the door was symbolically closed, I neglected to verify my capability to lock it and walk away with a skip in my step. Twice in the last two days I received email (tagged priority) from the eternally patient and kind academic journal editor regarding necessary changes to my references, both in text and the 'bibliography.' I must admit to being embarrassed that my misuse of this citation style was causing such trouble for the editor.

For heavens sake, I'm a librarian! I was forced to use MLA, APA, and Chicago style for papers in a grad class (he was making us aware of the differences, uh-huh). A change in citation format should not cause issue and angst.

But, I digress. After an hour yesterday and a simple reference question today, I may .... she says hesitantly and with a vestige of hope ... be finished.

This morning I spent time looking for a book on using Harvard Style. I can not be the only person on campus utilizing this for articles. Faculty members here, sans librarians, are tenured and the academic cry of publish or perish is alive and well. I have been able to find two interesting titles in World Cat that looked promising; A guide to writing bibliographies : based on the Harvard style and Sweat-free referencing Harvard Style: source acknowledgement, paraphrasing and quoting, a student's guide. Interestingly enough, the first is in a library in New Zealand and the second in South Africa. Not surprisingly, neither titles are available in Amazon or Barnes and Noble, nor are they in Baker & Tayloror Gobi.

Well, fine. It's time for lunch anyway.

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