Saturday, December 08, 2007

Channeling the scarecrow

The last day of classes is survivable, even when large contingencies of procrastinating freshman wait to finish a lab project. With an hour to spare, last evening at 5 pm 90% of the students had successfully finished their coursework; smiles were big, relief was palpable, and there was joyful skipping from the building. Even better, the number who would need to make corrections was basically infinitesimal. Next week is finals and it is a denouement of sorts for the resource center. With the course completed, traffic will return to normal and "the regulars," students who routinely use the space and avoid it during course due dates, migrate to their favorite computer and library space to settle in and study for finals. The relative return to normalcy is accompanied by its friend, blatant finals panic; often characterized by lack of sleep and mainlining caffeinated beverages.

As for me, though the frantic pace is energizing my brain is pleased to be able to not only focus, but also prove itself known and capable of stringing together a few coherent thoughts, words, sentences, and possibly paragraphs. I will complete final editing of my journal article this weekend and send of the information Monday as requested. Of course, Monday is also the traditional library holiday luncheon and I have a learning community meeting on Friday, and ....

Good thing the pace is so much slower when finals are over.

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