Friday, July 11, 2008

Healthy lunch? Ha!

No, I have not been on vacation. Today's break in the conference-themed posts will be comprised of meandering musings and serve the purpose of publishing actual blog content.

Returning to work after ALA I was immediately plunged back into the library web page project. While patiently waiting for content to be delivered to me (ha, who am I kidding), I determined it would behoove me to practice using the university template on the resource center web site. As a part of the overall library web presence it will eventually need to conform, so why not do it first? It will provide me with the added benefit of opportunity to learn. Win - win.

I spent a solid week updating the resource center site. Since I am changing web structure, appearance, and content, with exception to the hours and staff pages, most of the content will remain stagnant until the new site is unveiled. Within each author page there are catalog links to books we own; it was necessary to check each of them for new purchases, new article resources, and dead web links. I have compiled over one hundred children's author and illustrator pages on the resource center site. A steady week of updates and the last thing I wanted to do was turn on my computer after work. Hence, the week without posts.

By the way, the new site now has a floating deadline of Thanksgiving break.

Today is my summer student worker's last day; she has been a wonderful resource. I admit to being humbled by her obvious appreciation of the job opportunity. She brought me a big bag of Dove chocolates and a lovely thank-you card this morning. I was able to offer opportunity for hours in the fall as a student worker or possibly GA. Time will tell.

With plenty of chocolate on my menu, I determined a more healthy fare for lunch would be a good decision. Perhaps a salad? That lasted until I saw today's special was taco salad. Goal of a lunch salad? Yes. Healthy fare to offset the chocolate overindulgence? Not so much.

On the way to lunch this afternoon I noticed a significant amount of chalk writing on the sidewalk outside the student center. One large area was dedicated to the following: "Welcome class of 2012!" Classes begin again in approximately six weeks.

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