Monday, July 21, 2008

My keyboard ... it's a sign

I have 28 more author information pages to complete before moving on to the next section of the resource center web page/library template project. It is well within my grasp to finish the entire conversion, create a menu include, and send it to the preview server (something I recently learned I have access to) this week; especially since I am scheduled to work Saturday (sigh). As I trudge along my merry way creating new template pages using keyboard shortcuts, I noted the advance decay of my laptop keyboard ...

and have been thankful for one summer school session during my youth when I learned basic typing and keyboarding skills. Because of this I "know" what key is positioned where and am not soley reliant on the visual. Yes, there are letters missing, worn-off from use.
U, I, O on the top row
H, K, L, on the second row
N and M on the bottom row

The space bar and "mouse" pad both look a bit worse for wear as well. An IT student technician ordered me a replacement keyboard, it was under warranty, and just recently told me it arrived several months ago; no word on why it's living there instead of on my computer. Go figure.

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