Thursday, July 03, 2008

Libraries Build Communities 2008

According to ALA Cognotes (Issue 1, June 28, 2008) from Anaheim, more than 100 conference attendees participated in this year's Libraries Build Communities effort on Friday, June 27th.

"Volunteers were dispatched to thirteen project sites in the Anaheim area to illustrate the importance and influence local libraries can have on their communities." -- ALA Cognotes.

Participants gathered early Friday morning in the convention center garden to receive project locations. Prior to the conference I somewhat blindly, i.e. I did not know what task would be assigned, selected an elementary school library. When assignments were handed out, I learned we would be - gasp - cataloging! It has literally been years since I copy cataloged at a public library. I immediately volunteered to do technical services book processing by adding spine labels, bar codes, and reading levels to each book.

We worked efficiently for most of the day, stopping only for lunch (Dominoes pizza with ALA supplied coupons) and scrumptious treats (chocolate and items of a healthier fare) provided by our librarian hostess . At the end of the afternoon, an entire table of freshly cataloged juvenile books were added to the school's library collection. An added bonus? I got to browse through the purchased titles while processing - and - was able to gossip with librarians from academic, school, and public libraries. Not the profoundly necessary work done at ALA in New Orleans, on it's own scale it was both needed and appreciated by our host librarian.

Wondering about the man on the balcony pictured above? I took a picture of the official photographer taking our picture before leaving. Corny, but I could not (didn't even try to) resist.

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