Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Paperclip technology

Beyond their traditional use, clipping papers together, I have found paperclips to be versatile, malleable, little tools. In a pinch, a paperclip will hold a skirt or slack hem in place. Unbend it and use the straight end to open a jammed CD drive on a computer. Though a golf tee works better, I have stuck large paperclips into the laminator to over-ride the fail safe and load film. Sure I am careful not to "stick it" anywhere inappropriately, but there are always a couple to be found when you need them.

This afternoon, however, is the first time I have used one on a computer monitor. Shortly after lunch, I had a student inform me a monitor was broken. The computer was on, you could see the green button glowing gleefully on the keyboard, but some genius had pushed the power button with gusto and it was jammed into the monitor casing. She kept telling me, "I don't understand, it's not that hard to turn on the screen." Be that as it may, it was well and truly stuck in the off position. Unwilling to place a help ticket for repair, thus condemning the computer workstation to innumerable days with an out-of-order sign, I tried using my keys. Alas, even the smallest was too big for the job. Not to be thwarted, I grabbed a paperclip off of the desk, unbent it, and used it to successfully free the button.

The students working nearby were oddly surprised (smile) and the potential freshman and her family touring the library and resource center at the time were suitably impressed. This is why I went to grad school, eh?

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