Friday, July 18, 2008

It's just me

A quick perusal of myBloglines account uncovered this post courtesy of Infodoodads, Is that site downforeveryoneorjustme? It is a way to see if a web site problem belongs to the site, or if it is inherent to only your computer. Naturally I had to try it, first with Amazon.

Not quite the response I was expecting, so I tried Blogger.

Great, I was just getting ready to post about this site and Blogger is reported down (it wasn't as this post proves). Now that I am batting a thousand, I decided to try Bloglines since I was successfully reading feeds from my account. Finally ...

All was not lost, it was fun to play with and thanks to Infodoodads I learned what it means to prairie-dog your cube neighbor. Since two of the sites said they were down when I had them open in other windows, I am left to wonder (and wander after lunch).

1 comment:

kate said...

Huh, good catch--I didn't try either of those sites when I was writing the review, but when I tried them today I got the same results you did...guess I'll have to resort to twitter to find out if it's everyone or just me. As long as twitter's not down!