Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cyber bullies & Blogs

Working in academics, especially with pre-service teacher education students, bullying is often a discussion topic. In the last few years, the most prevalent research and discourse focused on two specific areas; girl bullying and cyber bullying. Interestingly enough, a significant portion of the dialogue has been limited to students, most often centering on the K - 12 set. While that distinction could be viewed as obvious, after all the students are studying to be teachers in the K-12 environment, it is a mistake to think bullying simply stops upon reaching legal age. Clich├ęd but true, a leopard does not change its spots and the practice often continues and is reclassified as workplace bullying.
Somewhat naively, I never considered the cyber aspect of workplace bullying. After reading about a horrific instance of death threats to a blogger first on Walt Crawford's blog Walt at Random and later on Robert Scoble's blog Scobleizer, I have done little else. See for yourself:

You can link to the blogger's web site from either of these posts. I will not link directly from here because this is a personal matter to the blogger in question. I am personally horrified by what has been reported and feel it's important to spread the word, but I will not become another track back on her blog directing traffic here.


In response to the events mentioned above, the AASL (American Association of School Librarianss) blog has posted concerning the initiation of a a Stop Cyberbullying Day on March 30, 2007.

"Bullying and social cruelty is hateful behavior, no matter what the format or the age of the instigators. As educators, it is imperative that we do whatever we can to make sure that it does not happen to anyone, child OR adult. " (Alice Yucht, AASL blog)

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