Monday, March 19, 2007

Hypothetical musings: spring break

Last week was spring break, or at least that is what the academic schedule advertised. I traveled to Pittsburgh for family issues and was positively thrilled - insert sarcasm here - with the five inches of snow that fell throughout the day on Friday and Saturday. Anyway, a week away from the computer is always enlightening. Here are a few hypothetical musings and, well, gripes:

  • I was able to squeeze in a bit of shopping during the break (woohoo). There are at least five major malls within a half hour drive of my parents home. I went in to a Bath and Bodyworks store filled with glee knowing I would be able to purchase some of my favorite scents. Earth to me, naturally the scent I wanted is a seasonal one that they offer in January and June only. Puh-lease, it's just fresh vanilla. Why must retailers do this? I know it is a marketing strategy, but annoying the customer who wants a specific scent is not the best overall stragegy in my book. I live near an outlet, guess I will need to plan a trip and see if they sent their overstock out after the January sales event.
  • Adding insult to the process was the chirpy cashier who "requested," and I use the term loosely, my phone number at the check out. I politely declined to provide them with the information, it's my decision after all, and she was a bit snotty. Again, a known marketing strategy that allows a retailer to target a customer base and send coupons. I get coupons via email when I want them and have no desire to be on their call list.
  • I continue to be optimistic, though maybe bull headed is more appropriate, concerning the use of blogger from my computer at home in the evenings. With some trepidation I logged in tonight and met with limited success after three tries on two different browsers. I would be more annoyed if I had not had a few issues with the software at work this afternoon when adding various book lists to the resource center collection development blog. However, the sporadic connection is starting to border on the ridiculous.
  • Does one person really need 276 email messages over a one week time period? I think not, but that is what appeared in my work inbox this morning. After going through and weeding unnecessary mail, I only had to read and/or address 50 of them. Interestingly enough that is what I like about blogs. I go to the information at my leisure as opposed to it piling up in my inbox.

One last try to post my lovely spring-break-in-the-snow photograph before signing off this post. If I am foiled again, the picture is going via email and I'll post at work in the morning.

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