Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hypothetical web update

It was another "terrible, horrible, no good very bad (web) day" ... almost.

I should not complain, though when has that stopped me, because it was a day of definite progress. Part of my goal with this never-ending web site re-design is to streamline the number of currently existing web pages into an easily manageable size. Today I cleaned xhtml and html coding, updated internal and external links, while combining four separate pages on guided reading and leveling book kits into a single page.

Flush with success, I moved on to one of the larger hurdles, combining five years worth of individual Caldecott award web pages. Beginning with the 2002 spring semester and continuing until this term, the instructor is not teaching the course for spring 2007, I hosted mock Caldecott panels in the resource center with a children's literature class. In the beginning (smile), the web page for each panel session included online pathfinders, pdf handouts, catalog links, and accompanying photographs of the process. After determining that this activity was worth keeping and archiving the pages, I deemed it necessary to streamline the older information and combine all of the pages into one. The absolute and all-encompassing coding mess left by my old web editor was nothing short of astronomical. At one point, Dreamweaver's html cleaning option froze on my computer as it tried to clean over 150 empty font tags from a document. It was ridiculous. However, I am now one short step from being finished with this portion of the web site. My goal for this week is to get the design far enough that I can begin transferring a few of the new pages over for a "test" run. It is important to me that the pages be useable regardless of their format, so if I can finish everything save the remaining 50 or so children's author information pages, it's a go.

I had a GA ask me today if the new resource center site was ever going to be done. What a sweet, brave girl.

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