Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's not the heat

It's the humidity! That phrase always makes me crazy because, trust me when summer days are in the triple digits, it is the heat. I have spent the last three hours compiling book lists to update the resource center web site's author page. The heat and humidity phrase stuck in my mind because I kept thinking now that the page design is finished it's not the web page, it's the content that is driving me crazy. I could easily just change over the old page to the new format, but without updated information that page design is just a new frame on an ugly painting.

I was so intent on the task at hand I worked through my traditional dinner hour. Knowing I could use dinner break time for a quick blog post, about fifteen minutes ago I took my crackers, raisins, and sprite zero over to look at a cart of books. One of the children's books is Smart Feller Fart Smeller and other Spoonerisms by Jon Agee. It was just the thing for an after dinner chuckle.

Agee begins his picture book homage to Spoonerisms with short background information on William Archibald Spooner, including the fact that he was known for flipping the beginning sounds of words, by explaining to readers "There was not explanation for Spooner's embarrassing habit, other than the simple fact that his mouth couldn't keep up with his brain." The book gleefully illustrates several Spoonerisms that will undoubtedly delight younger students. Caricature-like pen and ink drawings work well with the question and answer layout of the book. Readers are ask a simple question, turn the page, and the Spoonerism is revealed. A few of the sayings may need additional explanation for younger children, especially the "gentlemen cart your stars" instead of start your cars (which should be start your engines), but the overall effect is still laugh out loud enjoyable. This book would definitely be enhanced if used as a read-aloud:

"What did the cowboy say to the rocket scientist?"
"You sure are a fart smeller!"

The last page of the book presents a "what they said" and "what they meant to say" section to help with any potential confusion. A nice addition to our library collection of word Agee word books such as Go Hang a Salami, I'm a Lasagna Hog and other Palindromes and Elvis Lives and other Anagrams.

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Marge Lammaries said...

If you are a fan of spoonerism then you must drop by the village of Pranker's Wycke, we're absolutely bursting at the seams with them! (well I am anyway)