Monday, March 19, 2007

More on graphic novels

After posting about Oddly Normal, Volume 1, I went down to pick up Monday's mail and found a new Booklist journal in my mailbox. The March 15th Booklist, volume 103 number 14, includes a Spotlight on Graphic Novels. Sign up for a trial version of Booklist Online and browse this issue at your leisure. I have not had time to read the issue, but a quick overview reveals it is loaded with great graphic novel information:
  • New Graphic Novels (p. 35-41): Reviews
  • He Reads ... Graphic Novels (p. 38)
  • She Reads ... Graphic Novels (p. 39)
  • You Go, Graphic: A Carte Blanche article by Michael Cart (p. 43)
  • New Graphic Novels for Youth (p. 56)
  • Core Collection: Japanese Manga for Teens (p. 60)
  • Top 10 Graphic Novels for Youth (p. 62)
  • Starred Review: UXL Graphic Novelists: Profiles of Cutting Edge Authors and Illustrators (p. 77)
  • RA Corner review of Graphic Novels: A genre Guide to Comic Books, Manga, and More (p. 79)
I already purchased the Pawuk book, Graphic Novels, reviewed in the RA corner and am interested in the UXL title given a starred review in the reference book bulletin section of the journal. It is not enough to simply own graphic novels, I need reference and research titles with information to support the genre as well. Due to the limited number of available reference books currently available for the graphic novels, most of the books recently purchased about this genre have been cataloged for the resource center reference collection.

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