Friday, March 09, 2007

My eyes, my eyes

Lunch at my desk today includes popcorn, diet pop, a short blogging break. After a morning of redesigning image buttons and replacing them on many, many, many individual web pages, if I see another page in Dreamweaver I am going to scream. Either that or my eyes are going to jump out of my head and run from the resource center. It is my own fault (don't you hate when that happens?) and I have been dealing with the consequences all morning.

Trying to combine visual appeal with function and usability, the main page contains a logo and photo collage/image map for immediate "pop." The secondary pages have the same logo and navigation buttons to work through the site. While gleefully creating, combining, and editing pages yesterday afternoon I noticed that the secondary page design did not have the same five options as the main web page.


I had create two more buttons and insert them, along with appropriate links, into 20 pages this morning. The worst part? it is lovely irony. If I had been more secure with my design abilities I would be using Dreamweaver template options and changing it would have been a simple matter of updating the template; all the other pages would have followed automatically. I am convincing myself it was a good thing I caught this before finishing all of the pages, give or take 100 of them.

This is where it becomes obvious I am a librarian with some web design training and not a web designer.

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Karin Dalziel said...

ooo, you should really learn to use search and replace. :)

Lynn said...