Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Harry's happy feet

Unveiling of cover art for the latest Harry Potter last week led to the inevitable discussion regarding when the next movie would be premiering. As fans have noted, movies are falling a bit behind natural aging of the actor's portraying the characters, and with the last installment of the HP series due out in June one is left to wonder "what's the hold up?"

Last Tuesday after work, I bought the DVD
Happy Feet for my dad (and one for me as well). While relaxing on the sofa and partaking of pizza delivery, we popped in the DVD for entertainment. Normally I skip past the movie previews, but before I could hit skip, a trailer for Order of the Phoenix appeared and my questions were answered. Phoenix, aka book five, arrives in theaters on July 13, 2007. A mere week before the series finale arrives in books stores and mail boxes.

I enjoyed watching Happy Feet, animated films are one of my not-so-secret vices. The music selection was great (I may have to check out the soundtrack), character voices wonderfully chosen (LOL, Robin Williams), and the animation a great deal of fun. I have to admit disappointment with the heavy handed environmental ending, but the story had painted itself into a corner at that point. It is fun.

Lunch break is over, it's back to those author web pages.


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