Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Listening ...

Yesterday morning I was overwhelmed with the amount of work awaiting my attention; student time sheets due, weekly updates to write, purchases to post on a blog, book covers to place on a bulletin board, a book order and budget evaluation to process, an overdue article to be edited and submitted, and various other important issues that right now escape me. As I juggled these responsibilites, virtuous in my ability to multitask, I paid little or no heed to the email notifications from MSNBC that continued to arrive in my email in box.

Lunchtime arrived and patrons were discussing the campus shooting and asking what we had learned. Feeling, as many college and university student will, a kinship with their fellow students. Time stopped. Discussion in many night classes centered around the days events. Last evening a prayer service was held on campus at the university chapel and many attended to add their individual voices to the prayers from around the country.

Today was a day where every student had something to add to the ongoing discussion of what had happened and inquire in a bewildered voice, "why?" I do not know why. And no matter what the experts decree, we may never know why. What I do know is today was a day for sharing thoughts, fears, and voicing confusion. While we tried to insert normalcy into the day, it was also a day for listening to each other.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the Virginia Tech community.


Melanie said...

Terrible news.How can you explain such behavior?My heart goes out to those who died their untimely deaths that day.

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Andreya said...

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