Friday, April 20, 2007

Many things, but one

Fresh from a recent trip to Columbus where I am always able to knock off a half hour from the return driving time, there are so many things bouncing around aimlessly in my head this afternoon I am fearful of blathering on about all, or none, of them in my haste to post. However, at the forefront of my cheerful little brain is a simple statement of joy regarding the resource center web page.

Drum roll please....and make note of the cheering girl to the right...

As of yesterday afternoon, at approximately 5:00 pm, the page is FINISHED, POSTED on the university server, and actually LIVE for the world to see. Even better, it works! Previous to writing this post I pulled the page up on my ancient computer (with its 800 X 600 display and abysmal dial up connection) and was able to successfully navigate the entire site.

My personal favorite new part of the web is the "what's new" page as it includes; links to all of the available blogs and accompanying rss feeds so users may subscribe right from the web page, a LibraryThing book cover widget displaying recently reviewed books on the book review blog, a "blidget" of the resource center news and information blog, and the library catalog widget that allows users to search the catalog directly from the page.

Now I am relieved, joyous, slightly smug, and a little bit bemused at the let-down of having the project complete.

Of course, I am already planning on more authors and illustrators to add to the existing list.


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