Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One year, one week, & one day

This evening I noticed the one year anniversary of Hypothetically Speaking has come and gone with little or no fanfare. My first post was April 17th, 2006 and one year, one week, and one date later this is post number 296. Though I did not meet my goal of averaging a post per day, I fell but sixty-nine entries short, I managed an 81% posting rate. A lot has changed since my first blog efforts; mostly because of focus and purpose being determined after ALA last June. Generally speaking I am pleased with the outcome and will continue blogging about children's books, recreational reading, libraries, technology, and what ever else strikes my fancy.

What's up on deck? On my list right now is "tweaking" the new resource center web page, preparing my poster sessions for ALA, and spending the remainder of my budget on children's books (the last order until the new fiscal year).

Time will tell what year two will bring.

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