Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Continuing the down hill path to completion of the resource center web site, I finished fourteen author pages in the last two days in between obsessing over polishing my review. I have successfully updated authors "K" through "L" and hope to finish with the "M's" tomorrow. These authors have joined their illustrious counter-parts with updated library holdings in formation, database references, and internet resources: E.L. Konigsburg, Steven Kroll, Madeleine L'Engle, Julius Lester, C.S. Lewis, Robert Lipsyte, Arnold Lobel, Lois Lowry, Lane Smith, David Macaulay, James Marshall, Bill Martin Jr., Mercer Mayer, and Patricia McKissack.

I should have searched for a countdown clock to track the author page progress, hindsight.

As the project progresses, I am noticing journal article trends. Obviously there is a large chunk of information on children's authors and illustrators available from Horn Book Magazine, Book Links, and Publisher's Weekly. Since these titles are part of the Academic Search Premier database, many of them are part of the journal bibliographies. I am finding relavent entries in a few of the popular magazines, language arts journals, library media center journals, and to some extent newspapers. Compiling the resources, I have begun to see many articles written by people that I recognize, such as Horn Book editor and prominent blogger Roger Sutton and Kent State University professor Caroline Brodie. The same databases are proving to be a bit constrictive when locating articles on older authors and illustrators. It is frustrating to only locate obituaries, and short ones at that.

It has been a while since posting about a book I have finished at lunch. In fact, I did finish one this afternoon but am not compelled to write anything at this point. I am still reading recently purchased titles at lunch, just nothing I am ready to blog about yet. However, the back in the juvenile stacks section of the sidebar reflects recent reads regardless of whether I blog about them ... or not.

Even worse, I have four recreational books by favorite authors waiting to be read!

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