Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Quandry: what to do, what to do?

Today my plan was to finish writing two article submissions, due on Sunday no less, that have had abstracts accepted for publication. A serious practitioner of the fine art of procrastination since high school (I was up all night finishing term papers more often than not), I had convinced myself it would not a difficult task to accomplish. I failed to take into consideration my obsessive behavior where submissions are concerned and to this point have not yet completed one of the articles. You would think having a word limit of 1300 would make things less stressful. But alas, it really means I have to write making every word count.

Normally I would email the work home and finish crafting my joyous rendition of blogs in academic libraries while watching Grey's Anatomy (a stupid clip show this evening and no great loss). Tonight writing is at the back of the proverbial line behind various dreadful, necessary tasks. What's more important than a writing deadline for professional development you might ask? My answer would sadly be balancing my checkbook and paying doing my taxes, the latter proving difficult since the forms have gone AWOL in the bowels of my apartment. On the bright side, I do have all the necessary financial paperwork, just not the forms in question.

Complicating things and presenting a wonderful means to procrastinate even further was the appearance of The River Knows, a new Amanda Quick novel, in my mailbox (a bit early to boot, don't tell). How am I to work when an evening of enjoyable reading is so much more palatable than taxes?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I have stalled a good fifteen minutes writing this diatribe after balancing my checkbook (to the penny thank-you-very-much). I will soldier on and do my civic duty to the IRS, then force my sorry self to hunt through piles of paperwork to find the missing forms.

Update: 4/13/07 - Confession & Success

Unable to find my tax forms, I elected to pay the $15.95 and submit both federal and state taxes electronically to save my sanity. The free tax program sent to me by H & R block did not have the state info included and I had to purchase and download. But, the smile of my umbrella here was using my charming dial-up connection it took almost half an hour (let me reiterate how much I really have to upgrade) and I was able to use that time to start reading. By the end of the evening I had both set of taxes submitted, paid, and a good quarter of my book done.

I have finished one of the two articles and my boss is editing it as I type. I have time to attempt the second article today and maybe finish it on Sunday before the submissio deadline. Here's hoping that'll teach me.

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