Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Revisiting "Lucky"

The same issue of School Library Journal (April 2007) that presented letters to the editor about Pajamas also had several short entries regarding The Higher Power of Lucky, aptly titled Scared of 'Scrotum?'. A nice follow-up to The Higher Power of Patron featured in the previous issue, I found it refreshing a school library journal was profiling the newest Newbery author after many school librarians were scoffing at the selection (see Hitting Below the Belt). While I personally thought the Newbery honor book Penny from Heaven was better, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The letters published were admittedly supportive and SLJ has done a nice job of presenting both sides of the controversy. Of interest, the following from three Newbery honor authors

"As the Newbery Honor recipients, we wanted to share our feelings on the currentNewbery discussions. We are delighted and honored to be in the wonderful company of Susan Patron and her incredible book, The Higher Power of Lucky. We support her creative vision and hope that the present controversy will not overshadow her remarkable achievement. Readers everywhere, young and old, are truly lucky to have such a book in their schools, libraries, stores, and in the world. " -
Jennifer Holm, Kirby Larson, & Cynthia Lord (SLJ, 4/07)

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