Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Alumni stop in Eureka

Have you noticed? In the last several weeks, and even to some extent last season, Eureka has been an interesting stop for displaced Stargate SG-1 personnel. SciFi and USA are very loyal to their shows and actors; well, aside from that cancelling SG-1 problem. Case in point:

Two weeks ago, God is in the Details featured Stargate SG-1's Dr. Janet Fraiser, played by actress Teryl Rothery, was Diane Lancaster. Like everyone in Eureka even the church musical director is a brilliant scientist. Only this one was wreaking havoc trying to create a doorway to heaven.

Last week's episode, Maneater, included Stargate SG-1's Dr. Lam , played by actress Lexa Doig who was also General Landry's daughter and belated replacement for Dr. Janet Fraiser, was the biologist instructing Global Dynamics concerning issues of sexual harassment.

On an aside, the guy who played Dr. Stone, the mole, in this particular episode looked familiar as well ...

In the episode titled All that Glitters, Dr. Michael Jackson, actor Michael Shanks, portrayed Christopher Dactylos; a charming (sarcasm light is on) scientist who found a way to transmute metal to gold; with a twist. Naturally there was bacteria attached to the formula that after turning the item to gold destroyed it as well. Michael Shanks does indeed do snarky arrogance very well.

This is not to say these characters are taking over Eureka, far from it. The show remains fun, quirky, and well done. Seeing the SG-1 alumni just adds an element of fun to the watching for fans like myself who are still cranky at the SG-1 cancellation. If you were not a fan of SG-1, these actors would have just been interesting characters in the city of Eureka. Alas, next week is the season finale. At least that means I won't have to choose between Eureka and the Dancing with the Stars results show.

Update: 10/2/07

This evening Sci-Fi is running back-to-back episodes of Eureka. I watched the end of episode with Dr. Stone, the Mole (the one where Carter was irresistible) and finally remembered where I saw this character on SG-1. Stay with me here, it's a bit convoluted. This character played a scientist on the episode where SG-1 visits a planet, the team is captured and placed in cages by an enemy militia, T'ealc has his eyesight damaged, and a young scientist helps to cure T'ealc and save SG-1. They give the scientist in question sanctuary on earth and he's "helping" Daniel Jackson as a research student "deciphering" notes. The mole is the scientist.Clear as mud ... but it was making me nuts!

Now it's time for the season finale of Eureka.

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