Friday, September 21, 2007

Ruminations from the road

Driving to Columbus for a meeting I observed the usual and some interesting things; the drive itself, using I-71 south, is very monotonous and I need something beside a loud Montgomery-Gentry CD (their newest) to keep me occupied. Mostly a three lanes highway, leaving shortly after eight in the morning means clusters of trucks during the trip. That in itself is not a problem, sure one almost ran me off the road as it was crossing from the far right lane of an entrance ramp while entering 270 west, but that's a normal occurrance. I'm just a little blue two door Ford; "sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug."

But, I digress. While passing a large SUV I noticed the driver using one hand to talk on the phone and the other hand to fix his hair. Yes, his hair. I had a fleeting moment of interest wondering not only how he was steering his big ole vehicle, but also if he was the only one in the car. I passed quickly and went on my merry way. Arriving at my destination without further problem, I was even happier business was finished early and I was able to start the trip home shortly after 2:30, thus missing the Friday rush-hour exodus beginning at 3:00 pm. Merging from 270, near the Budwiser plant, to I-71 north there was construction. Fabulous. However, the construction was good!

The configuation for merging from 270 to 71 North has changed! No longer must everyone take their life in their hands and exit to 71 using the same ramp as those entering 270. Cleveland and Columbus traffic is separate and equal, each with it's own lane far away from the entrance ramp. What usually takes fifteen to twenty minuts took less than five. As a result, I was able to get home early enough to make a quick stop for some confectionary goodies at a local store. Chocolate covered toffee, double-dipped malted milk balls, and a chocolate covered marshmallow on a stick. Yum.

With the same extra half hour I did a bit of DVD shopping and purchased Garth Brooks: The Entertainer. While typing this post, I am listening/watching the HBO Special, Garth Brooks: Live at Central Park DVD. Now? It's time for "Friends in Low Places." A secondary, though no less important purchase for my collection, was Stargate SG-1 season four. Several of my favorite all-time episodes are part of Season four; "Window of Opportunity," "2010," and "Chain Reaction." I know, "Chain Reaction" is an odd choice of favorite. But it has one of the best lines from O'Neill (two L's): "Have you heard of Ikea? " and brings into play the nefarious, but fun, Harry Maybourne. Next up? I must have season twp and three respectively with "1969" and "Urgo."

As I was finishing links for this post, Garth was singing "We Shall Be Free" - one of the bonus cuts on the Central Park DVD. There is a poignent scene near the end, a large red, white, and blue banner is unfurled between the World Trade Center twin towers ... it says Freedom. I can't add the screenshot here (copyright issues, librarian....), but someone has posted the video on YouTube. Here it is, YouTube-Garth Brooks-We Shall be Free.

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