Friday, September 28, 2007

Cookies anyone?

Looking at my StatCounter information this evening (remember, slightly reformed stat-aholic) I am surprised to see how many searches in the last two weeks have been for wedding cookie tables. A little blog blathering in June 2006, also known as The Wedding Cookie Table, has garnered interest. There have been searches for:
  • wedding cookie table
  • cookie table Pittsburgh, PA
  • cookies for weddings Youngstown, OH
  • wedding cookies table
  • wedding cookie table pictures
  • cookie tables

There are only two links to information on that particular post, all of which are getting some heavy use. So because I'm a librarian and just can not seem to help myself, here is a bit more about the wedding cookie table tradition.

It's Time for Vows, Bows, and Cookie Table Wows - Arlene Burnett, Post-Gazette Staff Writer

"Wedding guests may not remember the maid of honor or the best man, but they'll remember the cookies. And the cookie table has established its presence at other spring and summer rituals, such as religious celebrations, graduations and bridal and baby showers."

NPR: What’s a wedding without cookies? - Mollie Cox Bryan

"Pennsylvania is not the only state with this tradition, her research showed. New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and New Jersey all share some version of the wedding cookie table."

"In general, the cookie table was known to Catholic Italians, Catholic Greeks, some Eastern Europeans — again generally Catholic — and a few Jewish individuals. Distribution definitely followed industrial areas that were settled by those ethnic groups," she said."

Wedding Cookie tables - WQED Multimedia: Pittsburgh Magazine, Chris Fennimore. Wedding cookie recipies!

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