Sunday, September 23, 2007

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything

In Elise Broach's book, When Dinosaurs Came with Everything, it's Friday afternoon, the perfect time for mom and her young son to run errands. Only this time things are a bit different. This Friday, dinosaurs come with everything; a dozen doughnuts? Need a shot at the doctor's office? Don't forget the dinosaur! From the young boy's glee, to his mother's increasing exasperation, David Small's watercolor and ink illustrations are a perfect compliment to this larger-than-life tale. Dinosaurs running amok in the city are highlighted bold strokes and add both subtle and outright humor to the landscape; readers will be excited to find their favorite dinosaur drawn into the pages. There is much offered to capture attention in this lively selection and the mother's solution to her home over-run with creatures shows family does indeed come in all shapes and sizes, even their pets.

I have a lengthy list of juvenile books ready for purchase that will be added to a cart later this evening. It has been a good beginning of the term for juvenile books, all but a dozen of the books ordered since July have arrived and are either on the shelf or cataloged and awaiting processing (well, with the exception of a couple that arrived Friday afternoon). It is not often the billing and receiving end of ordering is "caught up" with the ordering, even with the excellent job done by the technical services department at the library. There is often a book or three back ordered, out of stock, or not available for purchase. Even better, the new book shelves are not overflowing due to student, and professor, interest in checking out new titles. Ordering for the juvenile collection is a definite plus on the job satisfaction meter.

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