Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Anyone but me?

A quick break from collection shifting, complete with dirty shelves, missing items, and opportunity to condense and weed, led me to my Bloglines account for a blog update.

Well, I tried to read updated blogs.

Is there anyone else a bit disenchanted with Bloglines? In the last several weeks it has been down at least three times, I have been unable to connect to my account a half dozen times, and I begin to wonder if developing "Bloglines Beta," something that has a more graphical interface but that I was unable to navigate with ease, is taking time away from the usefulness of the current product. For the last five minutes my browser has been trying to connect. Not happening. I would not be worried if the connection issues happened when I was using my dinosaur at home, but this is a university network connection - usually immediate.

Bloglines was the first feed-reader I found that (a) was easy to use, and (b) I actually liked. Though generally pretty brand/technology loyal, if the technology is not working to my specifications and expectations, is it time to look at other options?

Later that afternoon ... continuous frustration had me checking other computers and browsers. I was finally able to access Bloglines with Mozilla (not IE 7).

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