Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Post-it note tagging books

It's that time again, this afternoon there was a lovely cart of new books in technical services; and while they were not all mine, perish the thought, several were. During lunch this afternoon, stretched out with my feet propped on a chair in my office, I perused the titles, placing lovely blue post-it note strips inside the covers of titles that caught my interest.
Yes, there were more than seven titles on the cart. Yes, there were picture books, juvenile fiction, young adult fiction, and juvenile literature. No, I do not want to read everything I order for the library. I am building a collection to support the curriculum, not greedily purchasing what I want to read.

Interesting timing ... a cart has arrived to be cataloged and I have been going through the most recent copies of Booklist, Book Links, and School Library Journal making selections for September and October.

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