Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hypothetical musings: post 500!

Blog post five-hundred is being written with crossed fingers as the weather front moving into north east Ohio, accompanied by high wind warnings and potential power outages, has the restless natives muttering "Auntie Em, Auntie Em" under their collective breaths. In preparation, I have a flashlight handy and my battery operated alarm clock poised to brighten my morning; both with brand new batteries. I have effectively guaranteed no loss of power.

I perused my blog post history and located entry number 400: "... After Labor Day," dated September 10, 2007. It is a lovely blathering post, in keeping with tradition, something this one may be as well, about the beginning of the fall 2007 school term. Instead, I grabbed a handy tablet (an ALA midwinter freebie from exhibiting vendor Plunkett Research, Ltd) and created a list of topics discussed during the last 100 posts (give or take considering my abysmal math skills).
  • Leading the list is book reviews, juvenile, YA, picture book & recreational (20)
  • Closely followed by discussion of book awards (14)
  • Librarian discourses (11)
  • Publishing and writing (8)
  • ALA and ALA Midwinter (6)
  • Humor, hypothetical musings, and CV's (5 each)
  • Web page, TV, blogs, and holidays tied (4 each)
  • End of term post topics (3)
  • Blogthings! and general books (2 each)
  • Technology, Who's Who, and resource centers (1 each)

Statcounter reveals the most popular pages (at five hits or more) in the recent 100 log to be:

Feedburner continues to overall match Statcounter in regard to raw numbers of page views and general hits, it also shows an increase consistent leveling off periods for feed statistics. My "popularity" with Technorati has fallen significantly in the last 100 posts. I have been putting tags on book review posts as opposed to every post. This may, or may not, be a contributing factor to my fall from low mediocrity to basement dweller. Lastly, what blog milestone reflection would be complete without mentioning the rising number of spam email generated by this blog! I had to remove it from the "about me" page before I succumbed to the temptation presented by winning a foreign lottery.

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