Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Thank-you Opus

I found this entry in the Sunday comics; it features an old favorite Opus, formerly of Bloom County, by Berkeley Breathed. Opus has been given an e-book for Christmas ... "Welcome to literary salvation, pal" ... and is using it for a significant purpose, to light a traditional book while he's curled up in a comfy chair, in front of the fire, munching from a bowl of popcorn.


I saved the comic section and this will be hanging in my office (still not old) as soon as I find a frame.

Two quick notes to this post. First, the title links to The Seattle Times Sunday comics. If the link address is to be believed, it will show the most recent offering from Breathed and this particular strip was published on 12/30/07. Second, there is an official Berkeley Breathed website, but when searching for additional information the results were tagged by Google as "this site may harm your computer." Therefore, I chose not to add it here. (My computer has enough trouble without adding suspicion of malware and sypware.)

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