Monday, January 14, 2008

Midwinter Exhibits: Book greed

With each ALA conference I attend it gets harder and harder to curb my insatiable book greed regarding ARC's available from publishers in the exhibits area. I need to work on balancing what I want with what I am able to easily carry from to my hotel and schlep through the airport - or - I need to expand upon my inherent stinginess regarding paying to have my loot shipped home (probably the better recourse). I was actually at the opening ceremonies and witnessed the ribbon cutting to open the exhibits. There seemed a large amount of books and information available to attendees.

I have added a complete listing of my ARC's from ALA 08 Midwinter to the sidebar. I have not yet decided if the list will remain (homage to my greed), or if I will remove books from the list as I read and discuss them here. Of course, I could always link the sidebar list to the blog posting and start another LibraryThing account just for ARC's.

Coming soon: Midwinter meeting pictures and conference postings.

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