Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Midwinter is when?

For the last ten days I have been muttering to myself, get things ready for the first day of classes, midwinter is next Friday. Along with this mantra is the pep talk; there is plenty of opportunity to create schedules, update WebCT, move furniture to facilitate extended library hours (better left not discussed), update web pages, create the Mock Caldecott listings, contact potential new hires for the resource center, prepare the graduate assistants (new and existing) for the first week, update book reserves for professors, schedule resource center tours, post information to the blogs, make signs reflecting hours changes, and do the weekly resource center update for the student workers and GA's. Really, plenty of time. I can do this.

Now, midwinter is the day after tomorrow and though I did find my travel reservations and itinerary (Orbitz, cheaper then the roaming gnome), know when my flight leaves (mid-morning on Friday), and with what airline I will be flying the friendly skies (US Airways, sigh), I was chagrined to note that I had not investigated getting from the airport in Philly to my hotel - OR - looked at any of the meeting information beyond my obligations. I spent a bit of time this morning viciously printing from the ALA conference site and 2008 Midwinter Meetings wiki. I wasted the opportunity to take a new book on the flight by reading my Stephanie Plum novel Tuesday evening (and it was just a little baby book), at least now I may have something to read.

I am excited to be participating in the Midwinter meetings, and I am thrilled the weather is going to be early-spring-like, but my to-do list for tomorrow is expanding as I blog. Once the to-do list is toast and all is prepared, I can clear my mind and focus on the meetings. What's that song chorus; "Free your mind, and the rest will follow."

Don't get me started on packing.

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