Sunday, January 13, 2008

A post live from Midwinter

It feels rather odd to be sitting in the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia at the Internet kiosk area and listening to Pat Benetar singing "Hit me with your best shot" from the nearby gaming booth. But somehow it is interestingly appropriate. I have just come from both the best and most disappointing open sessions of the weekend.

The best? A YALSA program for the YA Best Books listing that featured young adults presenting their opinions of the titles being considered. As others are waiting for computers, more on that later.

The most disappointing? I just left the presidents program featuring Kareem Abdul Jabbar and there was not enough seating for everyone in attendance. Even those hoping to be wallflowers were dismayed as convention security prohibited the action and we were being asked to move.

It is closing in on 4:00 pm I am going to take a last turn around the exhibit area and head to the hotel for a quick dinner and packing. Naturally, I will be obsessing about the weather as the impending snowfall has dominated local weather for the last 24 hours.

Photos, lists of arcs, commentary, and overall impressions of ALA midwinter will be posted soon. Full of Philly cheesesteak and hording a gourmet chocolate covered chocolate chip cookie for during the football game ... good-bye from midwinter.

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