Monday, January 28, 2008

Pidgin poop

Yes, I could have tried a little harder or possibly dug a bit deeper through my endless repertoire of charming post titles and found a more subtle and nuanced caption for this entry, but after trying on four different occasions this morning and afternoon to download FAQ's and support from the Pidgin web site, my creative wordsmithing was simply cranky. A quick refresher, we are hoping to utilize instant messaging and/or chat functions within the new library web page. One of the reference librarians has been researching different venues and after a discussion late last week the tentative decision was to use Pidgin, "a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client that allows you to use all of your IM accounts at once," to facilitate the process.

To be fair, I had no problems locating the web site, following the download process, or opening the IM client. But in order to use this for the library web site, I need to be able to locate the FAQ's and developer's page with instructions on how to incorporate the widget. I admit to being a bit Monday-brain-dead and understand the software in question has many people using it and accessing the FAQ's, it was frustrating to continually be bumped off the site before a simple wiki page loaded (sorry, a bit carried away with the italics option this evening).

The boss was taking both the Pidgin and Meebo to an IT meeting this afternoon for input regarding our tentative decision for a multi-tasking IM client. Tomorrow might bring a different software selection.

On another note, logging in this evening I noticed this is post number 499! Good thing I didn't title post number 500 with poop.

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