Monday, April 24, 2006

One of "those" days

Today was just one of those Mondays. Everyone wanted a piece of me. Walking that tightrope to prioritize who got what made for some interesting conversations throughout the day. I finally decided to do my list first and work my way through the other wants, needs, requests, and whining.

Not that I have anything against Monday. Really I don't. A lot of holiday's fall on Monday and help make three day weekends. Tuesday loves Monday because when it's finally Tuesday, hey Monday is over. Yes, yes, I know that is a bit of a stretch. It was indeed a loooooong day. Listening to the radio on the way home (loud and annoying the cars next to me) I started thinking along the lines of annoying Monday songs that might describe the day. I'm not sure that any of these tunes really fit the bill and very sure there is a variable plethora of Monday tunes. However, I chose these. There you go.

  • Manic Monday - The Bangles
  • Monday, Monday - Neil Diamond or
  • Monday, Monday - Wilson Phillips
  • Come Monday - Jimmy Buffet
  • It Sure is Monday - Mark Chesnut
  • Rainy Days and Mondays - The Carpenters

On the plus side, it is a Stargate Monday on Sci-Fi and the first episode is not a stupid one. As a reward for not smacking anyone today I may just play around with the tune list on my MP3 player. See, I have an excel spread sheet with everything already there and . . . I digress.

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