Friday, April 28, 2006

RSS feeds and feed burners, I forgot

So much for world domination by the unknown blogger.

As you can see by Will's comment, no googling for people mentioning his book or fancy software was needed. Just simple and smart RSS feeds. I forgot about them. I have feeds posted in handy-dandy-easy-to-get-to places on my work blogs, but didn't put one here. Go figure.

Back to those happy librarians. Not only was the afore mentioned group interested in the blog book, but since I've checked out the library copy there are already several holds for people waiting for me to finish.

Technology wise at work, I'm lucky enough to do pretty much what I want with blogs and web pages. Obviously within reason. I began nagging (yes, it is pretty much nagging at this point) another librarian on staff to work with me on book reviews on a new blog. It will be mostly juvenile literature reviews and work in conjunction with the new book blog and new book shelf. I want to help the education students with new additions to the juvenile collection. Theoretically, every time a student asks me to recommend a new book I could send them to the blog. Then students can post opinions on the reviews, detail lessons made using the titles, or just read them for information. A little more work on my end is needed before beginning; it will be necessary to provide collection development basics and professional review resources.

I'm wondering, with the interest in blogging expanding, if the premise may have to include new educational technology selections as well.

I might be lucky enough to get a few collaborative efforts going. Draft a couple of kiddie lit professors to add reviews and/or have their students do blog reviews would be interesting. The success does depend on finding the right group of people who are excited about the possibilities and "get" blogs. When dealing with a group blog, I have learned the hard way it's necessary to have the right group. Otherwise you have one person carrying the burden of posting and the blog becomes stagnate quickly.

Blog on.

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