Monday, April 24, 2006

A taste of home

Reading another blog this evening I had the chance to discuss a taste of home. Yes, I'm talking about the "almost world famous Primanti's Brothers sandwich." I've eaten from the city menu and the suburban menu. Yum.

Who cares about a sandwich? And especially one that looks, well, so odd? "No doubt about it", the food is a tradition like the terrible towel, and getting the chance to "buy Sam a drink and his dog one too". Check out the Real Story of the Primanti's Sandwich.

I had my first taste on the strip during a class field trip. Yes, a field trip. Honest. We were studying different cultures and foods in the Pittsburgh area as part of a course on multiculturalism. Yes, I paid for the class. Honest.

Still paying for the class should the truth be told.

Isn't grad work grand?

I even got an "A"!

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