Monday, June 12, 2006

ALA: Libraries Build Communities

I signed up to be a part of ALA's "Libraries Build Communities" effort while at the conference next week. Though not the most co-ordinated person, I would be the first to drop a hammer on my foot at a construction site, I was able to find something that would not endanger those around me and still help the overall project. Today I received an email confirmation listing my choice, the East Bank Regional Branch - Project I, and details regarding check in time and what to wear.

The East Bank Regional Branch project is a book sale for the library. I've worked public and academic libraries, did several Scholastic Booksales for my library and IRC, and have a retail background. I'm relatively sure this is something I can do to help. It is a worthy cause and well worth the time.

There is now an official Wiki for the New Orleans conference as well as a listing of conference blogs.

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Jen-t said...

Lynn - You made my day! Put a smile on my face - so thank you! I opened my drawer, had two peices of chocolate and kissed my kids (middle child included!) He's really such a sweet boy, but sometimes he just doesn't think! He's full of energy, love and well, he's just full. Okay, back to the grind.