Saturday, June 24, 2006

Poster Session - Poster Session

Just finished my poster session. It was my first at a national conference (I've done several at state conferences) and I wasn't really all that sure what to expect. My first experience with poster sessions at a national conference was at ACRL in Minneapolis last spring and that was simply ridiculious, crowded, and enough to turn me off attending any other poster sessions during that particular conference.

This was completely different. I learned, quite happily in fact, that poster sessions are less structured than I thought - even anticipated - and that it was great to have an opportunity to speak to people who are interested in your information one-on-one. Sure it was stressful since we were assigned an hour and a half shift. But that made it easier to speak with more people and have a chance to look at the posters near to mine. Looking at the other offerings, I was relieved to have taken the time to have my poster session information printed professionally by our graphics department since that was the norm (as it should be). Attendance was constant and flowed easily through our assigned space. I even had the chance to meet Jody Fagan, my poster session contact, and say hello. Thanks again Jody for your positive attitude and last minute support. Most appreciated was the floor manager on duty assigned to help with set up and any questions concerning when to tear down the poster session for the next group of presenters.

There were a lot of great poster's near me and I had an opportunity to speak with different presenters from Lousiana, Washington, Canada. It may have been a novice's luck, though I prefer to think I just had a great proposal (grin), but I will be sure to put in a proposal again for another conference.

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