Friday, June 16, 2006

It's Brilliant

No, not me. The graphic arts department here at the University is brilliant. I was fussing (there is probably a better word to use, but that one is appropriate) about what to do with my poster session and had the notion to ask graphic arts/print shop if they could enlarge a document into poster size. I'd have to watch out for any pictures being overblown and looking nasty, but it seemed a better idea than using tag board and other resources, read construction paper, Ellison Dies, and rubber cement, easily available to me right now. I found out that they, graphic arts, have the capability of printing somthing 24X36 inches in size. I was advised to use Word, make it a pdf when finished, and email the results to them.

Well, COOL.

Naturally Word only makes things as large as 22x22; but Publisher is available and it DOES go to 24X36. Yes! I've created four lovely posters, made them pdf (with some additional assistance from graphic arts because I was a bit dim there for awhile), and sent them off for printing. I should be able to get the final results late this afternoon or on Monday. Plenty of time to laminate them before leaving work on Tuesday afternoon.

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