Sunday, June 11, 2006

That viewer profile thing again

Friday at work I had part of my lunch hour to kill. Well, okay, let's be brutally honest and say I had the last half hour of the day to kill after I finished up with a couple of sterling additions to the children's book review blog I've ignored since leaving on vacation. Anyway, just for kicks I took a quick look at this blogger profile, deleted a few things (what was I thinking), and checked out the profile viewed number. It's been at 74 for a while, so I was curious. Still the same.

After finishing my mini-rant on all things 2.0 a minute ago I looked again and it was 114. Does that seem a bit ludicrous? Or is it just me? I only post on a couple of blogs using this profile and didn't have anything profound to say in the last two days that would signify that jump. I mean, for heavens sake, that's not people reading this blog, just people clicking on the profile for one reason or another(huh, a lot of comma's in this sentence - tough).

Yes, I click on the other people's post links as well. I'm curious.

OK, nosy.

The blogger viewer counter thingy must work once a month or so. If I were that curious, I'd keep track.

Or not.

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