Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Roaming Gnome

Now I have to take back my annoyance with the stupid roaming gnome ruining my chance to present a poster session at ALA next week. Earlier this afternoon I got a call from the poster session committee chair with an invitation to present on Saturday in place of a last minute cancellation. Now I have only a week to come up with my "brilliant" poster session and that's no easy feat since I'd since deleted the abstract and forgotten all about the whole project. But I do love a challenge.

On second thought, forget the challenge aspect. It's official, I have lost my mind. I need to find a lap top to drag along and create something visually appealing for the session. Time to call the I.T. department and see what I can get for traveling purposes as my work lap top is too heavy to tote through the airport (yes, they warned me of that when I picked the oversized screen for web use). My greed to have an ALA session on my vitae outweighs my common sense at this point.

I am still wondering about that idiot gnome and my travel reservations. After getting my trip reminder via email yesterday my flight home has been changed again. That's the third time. I probably shouldn't complain until I travel and arrive safely from the conference. Anyway, the connecting flight is now back in Charlotte instead of Philadelphia and I'm getting home a bit earlier than originally planned. Not so bad, but I wonder what the real connecting flight will entail on the day of travel.

Airplane clipart: http://www.designedtoat.com/aircraft.shtml

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