Saturday, June 17, 2006

CD Autoplay or Autorun

In my continuing quest preparing for my ALA poster session I've decided to bag hauling around a laptop so people can "view" my stuff. Poster session time is limited, the space is limited (though hopefully not as nasty as ACRL in Minnesota a couple of years back), and there will be hundreds of other posters available for attendees to partake. With that in mind, I've created a simple web page to burn on CD that will contain my handouts and links. If anyone is interested they can take one to peruse at their leisure.

I figure on the shades of brilliance scale - remember I've given up brilliance and am now focusing on not embarrassing myself - that decision hovers between flashlight and small lightbulb and is a nice step up from nightlight. Anyway, in an attempt to move into the three way lightbulb category I thought it may be nice to have autorun on the cd so when inserted it opened to the web page and I wouldn't have to bother with a readme document (that would have to be PDF in case everyone doesn't have word, sigh).

After searching for the last hour to get good free shareware to create autorun, as opposed to autoplay, I'm leaning towards not bothering. The reviews are limited and the software/shareware abundant. Hence the waffling. This is what comes of having passable skills in various areas instead of being exceptional in one area. One particular talent isn't developed for researching and presenting and I'm good, but not great, in different things.

I'm going to go with my bathing suit at the beach theory. It's a given there are going to be sessions better than mine; there are going to be sessions worse than mine; and I'm average (and not frightening small children).

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