Monday, July 10, 2006

2006 MLB All Star Game

Yes, the 2006 major league all-star game is to be played tomorrow evening at beautiful PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Usually the all-star game is not that big a deal to me. After all, I am a Pirates fan and the last time we had a player actually voted to be a starter was in the 90s with Andy Van Slyke. This year, due to some agressive campaigning, Jason Bay will be an all-star starter in in Pittsburgh. Since that was the last time there was a winning team in Pittsburgh (no I'm not bitter - just don't ask me about Barry Bonds), 1994-1995, it is easy to understand how cool it is to a Pirate's fan having a player voted in as an all-star, especially one who was National League rookie of the year for 2004.

I'm looking forward to the Home Run Derby this evening, watching players hit balls into the Allegheny River. Looking at the Post-Gazette this morning there are a lot of cool features. And, I just read that Jason Bay will be batting clean up in the game tomorrow night.

More about the 2006 All Star Game in Pittsburgh:

OK, all of the "when does Steeler's mini camp open" jokes are getting a bit old.

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