Friday, July 28, 2006

New Orleans Neighborhood Story Project

Eureka! Almost a month after the NOLA ALA conference (and subsequent travel delay and moving) I have located my informational handout about the Neighborhood Story Project. Despite the obvious reasons to purchase this collection, the sale of books benefits the project itself, it will make a great multicultural addition to the library collection. It's one thing to read what an unknown author has to say and another to know it is written by young adults living in the neighborhood. An excerpt from the handout says:

"The Neighborhood Story Project was a community documentary program based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. The books were bestsellers in the city, depicting vibrant neighborhoods otherwise shunned by the media, but all remains books were destroyed by the flooding. With the assistance of Worzalla Printing, Soft Skull is re-issuing these books under the Red Rttle imprint. The books now stand both as a testament to the resilience of the residents of New Orleans, in particular those from the worst-affected areas, and as a map back from disaster offered by the city's teenagers."

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