Monday, July 10, 2006

Looking at New Orleans

Ever get home from a trip and realize you just didn't take enough pictures? I'm finding that true as I look through appropriate shots to post here of just the city of New Orleans. Looking back through these images I'm struck by the lack of people in the pictures. Not people I know, tourists. As I roamed through the city it seemed there were always people around, but the pictures here show a different story. This first image is from the window of my hotel room, The Hotel Monteleone.

This is a shot from Canal Street, oddly enough depicting Saks Fifth Avenue. I can't say if it was open or not because I was more interested in the trolley car. Through the end of June, riding public transportation was free. I was disappointed not to have time to ride the trolley for a tour of the city through the city. Again, this was taken early morning and there are few people on the street.

The last shot is a picture of downtown New Orleans taken from the window of the Wyndahm Hotel. I had meetings there on Saturday morning and was struck by how clear blue the sky was as a backdrop to these buildings. Many of them still had damage, but I could see men working on the outside of the hotel in the foreground (brick building to the left).

Oddly enough, right after I posted the first grouping of photos a comment was left by a resident of New Orleans thanking me, well ALA really, for attending the conference. I'd like to say without a doubt, it was my pleasure.

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