Thursday, July 20, 2006

Horns & Wrinkles, pass it on

I finished reading at lunch today and was pleased with the book overall. It ended satisfactorily and all of the established fantasy "rules" in place by the author were followed. Definitely what I would call a fable; the book was chock full of animals with human characteristics including both river and rock trolls, magical faeries, humans interacting with the animals, good vs. evil, a self-less good deed, and a moral that was not sappy or overdone. This book would definitely interest children who read fantasy. Actually, the best part of the book was a chance to pass it on to another reader.

The book traveled to lunch with me for the last time today. One of the girls working came up to me and asked if I was a teacher. I told her yes, at one time, but that I worked at the University library now. She replied, "I wondered, you always have a good book with you to read." Seems she noticed Horns & Wrinkles, went to the public library to check it out, and was disappointed to learn they didn't have it. I explained I was reading an advanced readers copy and that it wouldn't be available until September.

Should have seen her eyes light up when I said she could read my copy.

I finished it, along with my chocolate chip cookie, before the end of my lunch hour and left her the book to read. I'll be interested to hear what she thinks.

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