Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spring break ... let it snow?

More lovely snow accumulations today were accompanied by cold temperatures (it's 7 degrees right now), poor visibility, and blizzard conditions. Since I have that family gene, I took a plethora of photographs - including one outside of my garage with a bright yellow ruler - that have already been loaded to my computer.

After talking with many members of my family today, two in Ohio and two in Pennsylvania, I seem to be the only looking out the front window at snow. The PA family branch members have less than an inch. The Ohio relatives, one south near Marietta and one actually more a Michigan relative (near Toledo), were reporting the same.

I told them to call me back when they had some snow. Please.

With level two and level three snow emergencies surrounding the area, tomorrow is destined to be a day for digging out. Out of state travel and driving plans are still on hold; tentatively scheduled for Monday morning after rush hour. A few minutes ago I actually heard cars on the front street. So either the snow emergency has been lifted or the county/city is actually getting to the street.

I really should take some time and read a few of the books I brought back from Midwinter ...

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