Monday, March 17, 2008

While I was out

The odd thing about taking vacation time during spring break is there are still people on campus; offices were open, the library was open, and the IT department was not only open, but also updating unsuspecting vacationing librarian's computers. It's always a bit disconcerting to wander in to my office after a break or vacation and find an IT handout on top of my computer and a "call me if you have any problems" message attached.

A few weeks ago we were notified IT was going to begin migrating to Microsoft Active Directory. In all honesty I paid little heed to the notice other than to correctly file it so I would have the directions when it happened. As luck would have it, other than having to choose a new password (and one that was complex enough for the server), all went well. All I have to do is remember the password when logging into the system tomorrow.

What other fun things needed my attention? I waded through 300+ email messages (someday I will learn to sign off list serv when on vacation), remembered to send payroll through so my students get a check this week, talked to financial aid to find out why a student's federal work study monies were suddenly significantly less than detailed at the beginning of the academic year, and opened much snail mail that accumulated in my mail box. There was fun stuff as well! My Ellison Die order arrived, along with another Prestige Pro freebie machine (Ellison has great coupons & promotions), and I was able to try out the new items, take a picture, and post it on the resource center blog for all to see. This is always money well spent. In fact, three student lead tours came through the resource center this morning and each one mentioned the die cut machines.

I have heard rumors there were actual chat sessions via the new Meebo IM widget on the library web page. I put it on my resource center update for the students and will probably send info to some of my buddies in the college of education (especially since there will be students looking for help finding book reviews soon) to talk it up with more word-of-mouth advertising. Let's get this thing moving!

Now? Lunch is over and my GA just called to say the cash register is giving her fits, seems it does not want to calculate sales tax.

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